Since 1988 Rene Tovar has been representing Plaintiffs and Defendants, individuals and companies large and small, as in-house and outside counsel, in a wide variety of matters, including personal injury, construction defect, professional malpractice, class actions, business disputes, information technology, entertainment and employment disputes.  Throughout his career Mr. Tovar has negotiated settlements with and for almost every major insurance carrier in the country in connection with all different types of claims and actions. 

Over the past decade and a half, Rene Tovar has negotiated contracts for recording artists, record and music publishing companies, actors, directors, television and film production companies, and as a certified player agent with the Major League Baseball Player’s Association he has negotiated with every Major League Baseball organization.  His diverse career experience has exposed Rene Tovar to numerous negotiating styles, techniques, and personalities, all of which provide him with a wealth of experience on which to draw upon as a mediator.

Educated and trained at Pepperdine School of Law, home to the prestigious Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution, Mr. Tovar was appointed by the Los Angeles Superior Court to serve as a court appointed neutral and has been assigned to resolve cases in many judicial districts, including, Downtown Los Angeles, Glendale, Van Nuys, Santa Monica, and Chatsworth.

Rene Tovar’s attention to detail and research on important issues, and his ability to get parties to focus, not only on the critical legal and factual issues, but important personal considerations, has enabled him to successfully mediate hundreds of cases.  Mr. Tovar’s trial experience helps him communicate the strengths and weakneses of each litigant’s case to the parties and their attorneys, and to competently and confidently discuss what each side might expect going forward if the matter does not settle.  This, and Mr. Tovar’s passionate and tenacious mediation style, and unstoppable willingness to push the parties to continue to work toward a settlement – even when a mediation session has not led to a final resolution, are but a few hallmarks of this mediator. 

Attorneys and adjusters alike describe Rene Tovar as an “Excellent neutral,” a mediator “we would be willing to recommend” and a “mediator I would use again.” And, one mediator, who as counsel on a case used Rene Tovar's services, described him as “a mediator’s mediator.”

Like all of InterMediate’sneutrals, Mr. Tovar serves the entire Southern California region, and upon adequate notice, travels anywhere convenient for the mediating parties.
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