Fred Fateh

Fred has been active as a business consultant for the past 20 years assisting businesses as well as large institutions and governmental agencies in various fields from technology to construction. Fred has worked with and consulted for Exxon-Mobil, Chevron Oil Company, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Vanir Construction Management, American National Oil Company and a number of small businesses & local governmental agencies.

With a Juris Doctorate degree (JD) and a second degree in Engineering, Fred is uniquely qualified as a mediator whose training, education, and experience allow him to effectively communicate with all parties involved in mediation sessions. Fred has the knowledge and ability to comprehend complex legal issues involving construction, engineering, information technology and Internet, as well as landlord-tenant and general business matters.

As a licensed General Contractor involved in public works projects, Fred understands complex issues in dealing with governmental agencies and has successfully mediated many cases between general contractors and public owners. As a real estate developer Fred had tremendous experience dealing with Municipalities as well as subcontractors.

Born in Iran and educated in United States and Germany, Fred speaks Persian and German fluently and understands complex intercultural issues. Fred possesses a keen ability to bring parties together to reach satisfactory resolution on even the most contentious subjects and is always focused on bringing his cases to a successful completion.

Like all of InterMediate’s neutrals, Fred serves the entire Southern California region, and upon adequate notice, travels anywhere convenient for the mediating parties.
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